Main Floor
Main Floor
North Entrance
South Entrance
Back workshop
SW Corner Main Floor
West Wall Main Floor
Additional Room
Staff Room / Washrooms
North Front Wall
North Entrance
Additional Room
East Kitchen Access
West Hallway
North West Corner
West Hallway
Washroom #1
Additional open space
Store Front Space
Restaurant / Stage
Additional Lounge Space
East Wall
Front East Wall
SE Main Floor
Main Floor Entrance South
Washroom #5
South East Back Corner
Office, WR #6 and Wet Bar
South Foyer
South Wall Office
Front Hallway
Second Floor
Back of Mezzanine
Staff area
Staff area
Security Office
Staircase #2 to security room
Stairs case #1 to Security Area
Second Floor Top of Stairs
2nd Floor Staff Room
Second Floor Office Space
Back Hallway
Office #1 of 2
1/83North Entrance